How to Lower Housing Prices

My husband and I have been thinking about going somewhere with the kids for a night. My 10-year-old's suggestion:  "I heard the tents on Rothschild are empty." Yes, the middle-class tent protests in Tel Aviv, about the high costs of property, have been interrupted and possibly abandoned in light … [Read more...]

Scandal of the Schoolbooks

It started with a boycott of cottage cheese. Next were protests against high apartment prices and rentals. Then there was daycare, baby items (!) and now electricity. Israelis are protesting high prices everywhere. I'm not sure there is an easy way to solve most of these problems. Health care is … [Read more...]

Is 64 Too Old to Make Aliyah?

UPDATED below with more information for older immigrants. Welcome to all of the new immigrants arriving today, including Raggedy Mom and Samanthat4d. Can you help this reader? He writes:   I have been considering moving to Israel.  Life in the US is expensive and so is Israel.  I … [Read more...]

The Changing Cost of Shidduchim in the Haredi World

Haredi educators are noticing that the age of marriage is rising. According to an article in the Hebrew edition of Mishpacha, only 10% of students in a particular seminary got engaged last year instead of the normal 50%. According to the shadchanim (matchmakers) quoted, only 5-10% of girls’ … [Read more...]

Over-Parenting and Daycare Dilemmas

The Over-Parenting Crisis by Katie Allison Granju, author of an influential book on attachment parenting, complains about parents who obsess about every aspect of their children's development. This over-parenting has become an epidemic. Legions of well-intentioned mothers and fathers, urged on by … [Read more...]