Mothers and Fathers, 2013

The blog post below was written in Hebrew by Esther Pelled, author of the blog Unedited. She is responding in part to a report on Channel Two News last Saturday evening, which claimed that the Israeli health ministry puts too much pressure on women to breastfeed. Thanks to Julie Rosenzweig of … [Read more...]

What about the Children of Tomorrow? Report from the President’s Conference

Last week I pretended to be a celebrity, thanks to an invitation to the President's Conference--Tomorrow 2012 at Jerusalem's Convention Center. The conference brought together world-class experts in politics, finance, publishing, technology, communications, and Jewish thought from all over the … [Read more...]

Sending Sick Children to School: New Guidelines by Israeli Pediatric Association

The Israeli Pediatric Association has issued new guidelines about sending kids to school or daycare when they are sick. We all know there are some parents who let their sick kids infect everyone else. There are also gananot (kindergarten teachers) who send children home over minor issues. With their … [Read more...]

The Safety Class

A number of years ago Emunah, a women’s organization with charitable projects including a chain of daycare centers, offered an 8-session course in child safety to its employees and volunteers. Since I had small children and worked with new mothers, I decided to try it out. Like many programs in … [Read more...]

Tips for Helping an 18-Month-Old Adjust to Daycare

Thank you to readers, old and new, for your thoughtful answers to my question about Israeli parenting. If you haven't been following the discussion I suggest taking a look. Now I'd like help with ideas for a reader and mother of four returning to the working world: Any tips on how to make this … [Read more...]

Over-Parenting and Daycare Dilemmas

The Over-Parenting Crisis by Katie Allison Granju, author of an influential book on attachment parenting, complains about parents who obsess about every aspect of their children's development. This over-parenting has become an epidemic. Legions of well-intentioned mothers and fathers, urged on by … [Read more...]