Agel Pyramid Scheme Exposed

Jameel at the Muqata writes about the multi-level "pyramid" scheme used to market Agel, an overpriced and unproven vitamin supplement. The highest-level marketers have made a lot of money, but hundreds at the bottom will lose their investment unless they can convince enough others to invest and … [Read more...]

An Onslaught of Alonim

To find out about life in the Haredi world, check out the pashkvilim (wall posters) in Jerusalem or Bnei Brak. There will be one protesting any trend potentially threatening to the haredi way of life. But if the religious Zionist community interests you, go to your local synagogue on Friday … [Read more...]

Marketing to First Graders

I just spent ten minutes explaining to my son that we are not interested in a children's magazine despite all the stories, puzzles and games it contains. He was shown a copy in class, and brought home an envelope. Direct marketing to first graders is assur (prohibited) in my book. I don't care how … [Read more...]

M* Mitzva

The only Israeli formula company, M*, with the pseudo-scientific Latin sounding name, has been running a successful public relations campaign within the religious community in Israel for eight years now. They teamed up with a charity organization to collect used M* scoops and bags. For every four … [Read more...]