Modern Orthodox Education: Cholent, YouTube, and Girls Jumping over the Line

A few weeks ago, I covered an event sponsored by Yeshiva University in Israel for the Jerusalem Post's In Jerusalem. The report appeared on Friday, February 2, and is reprinted with permission.  Click here to see my interview with President Joel. Yeshiva University Tackles the Modern Questions By … [Read more...]

Teaching our children: Modeling is not enough

In my post Trusting Our Children, I wrote about things that children learn on their own. So what do we need to teach them?I hate to disappoint you, but I don't have the answers. I can't, because they will be different for each family. Leora will make sure her children appreciate art and can express … [Read more...]

The New School Year and What I’m Not Blogging About

I won't be blogging about: My conversation with the principal about the school supply list. After she asked me twice whether I have a baaya kalkalit (financial issue) I said that I have permission to complain about unnecessary expenses even if I'm not desperate enough to ask for a … [Read more...]