Dreaming about Israeli Baby Names

Reader Rachel writes: Hi Hannah, I've really enjoyed reading your advice to people about names. As I am pregnant with boy #3, we are trying to narrow down our name options and are having some trouble. I actually had a dream in which I was asking you about names, so I figured I would contact you! … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Boy Name Help, December 2014

Here is a question from Yaniv. Hi Hannah - been going through your blog for some name ideas and figured I'd reach out directly. My wife and I are having our first this April and are looking for boy names. We are struggling somewhat as we are looking for a name that is easily pronounced in both … [Read more...]

20 Top Israeli Baby Boy Names for 2012

The Central Bureau for Statistics recently published the top Israeli names in each sector for 2013. Today I'll review the top boys' names. See yesterday's post for the most popular Israeli girls' names. The list is similar to the list for 2010, except that Nehorai and Guy have been replaced by … [Read more...]

20 Top Israeli Baby Girl Names for 2012

See also: 20 Top Israeli Baby Boy Names for 2012 At long last, the Israeli Central Bureau for Statistics announced popular names for 2012.  Today I'll review the top twenty names for Jewish girls. First, a word about trends. Remember how just a few years ago single-syllable names were all the … [Read more...]

Top 20 Israeli Baby Names for Boys, 2010

Yesterday I posted the most popular girls' names in 2010 from the Central Bureau of Statistics. Today the boys take a turn. I've decided to label them by their prominence in the haredi (H), secular (S), or national religious communities (NR). It's no surprise that many of the more popular names … [Read more...]

Top 20 Israeli Baby Names for Girls, 2010

Also see the most popular girls' names for 2012. In honor of the International Day of the Child, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics published the 20 most popular baby names in 2010. Four of the top 5 names for girls are biblical (Noa, Tamar, Yael) or traditional (Shira). My husband … [Read more...]

Interesting Links

In Israel we've enjoyed a mild spring and summer so far, with normal humidity and cool evenings. July is expected to get hotter, starting this Shabbat. Between my kids being home from school and preparing for an exam in lactation, things are hectic. Fortunately life provides unexpected … [Read more...]

Purim Links, Baby Names and More

Purim is coming soon! Here are links for the holiday and more. I posted about Israeli Baby Names at the Nameberry blog. Our Shiputzim translates the Megillah into Heblish. Jacob Richman has a wonderful collection of videos and websites for Purim. In light of the earthquake in … [Read more...]

New Baby Names Forum

In 2008, I first wrote about popular baby names. Since then many expectant parents have left comments asking for help. The baby name threads remain among the most popular posts. But because of all the threads and comments, it's hard to wade through them all. So I opened a searchable forum where … [Read more...]

More Popular Israeli Baby Names (April 2010)

Image by Odalaigh via Flickr Expectant parents from overseas, looking for information about Hebrew baby names, often visit this site. Here are recent comments on Popular Israeli Names for Girls: Update: I've opened a Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help Due Soon in Canada: We're thinking about … [Read more...]