Israeli Baby Name Help, February 2014

Several readers asked recently for baby name advice and suggestions: Anonymous #1: We don't know the sex yet, but trying to at least come up with a few choices for each so we're not scrambling... Opinions/popularity (and among which 'group') for: Eden Alma, or Alma Eden? Our last name is … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Name Help, June 2013

Today we have three readers seeking help with baby names: Is Yaeli a common first name in Israel or just the nickname for Yael? We like Yaeli more, but here in Germany we have to prove that it’s a “real” name at least in another country. BTW, you already helped us last year to decide for a girls … [Read more...]

Top 20 Israeli Baby Names for Girls, 2010

Also see the most popular girls' names for 2012. In honor of the International Day of the Child, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics published the 20 most popular baby names in 2010. Four of the top 5 names for girls are biblical (Noa, Tamar, Yael) or traditional (Shira). My husband … [Read more...]