Pre-Shavuot Links: Cellphone Rate Calculator, Chassidic Women, Recipes, Interviews

In honor of Shavuot, enjoy this video The Land of the Seven Species sung by Chani Livneh. See the Hebrew lyrics here. And now for the links: Parent Network interviewed me in honor of Mother's Day. When they asked for advice for new parents, I said that moms should breastfeed until age six. … [Read more...]

Erev Yom Kippur Links: Why Fast?

  The Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail reported on the two girls sent back to Israel to avoid being married off. The article refers to Bruria Keren as "the woman leader of the sect in Israel" and amusingly notes that Beit Shemesh is near where the battle of David and Goliath took … [Read more...]

(Mostly) Inspiring Links for Rosh Hashanah

I'm pleased to present a great list of links for your reading and viewing pleasure. Mekubal has been bravely reporting details about the pedophile ring in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem. The Ministry of Public Diplomacy start a website for sending new year greetings to Jews across the … [Read more...]

Links: Hyper-Tzniut, Childfree, and More

I hope you enjoy today's collection of links. A Mikvah Poem by Anonymous at JewishMoms.Com. Liz researches the costs of buying food in Tel Aviv. Her findings may surprise you. Leora interviews me on blogging, at Websites for Small Biz. I especially enjoyed the comments. Chris Mulford is a … [Read more...]

Interesting Links

In Israel we've enjoyed a mild spring and summer so far, with normal humidity and cool evenings. July is expected to get hotter, starting this Shabbat. Between my kids being home from school and preparing for an exam in lactation, things are hectic. Fortunately life provides unexpected … [Read more...]

Purim Links, Baby Names and More

Purim is coming soon! Here are links for the holiday and more. I posted about Israeli Baby Names at the Nameberry blog. Our Shiputzim translates the Megillah into Heblish. Jacob Richman has a wonderful collection of videos and websites for Purim. In light of the earthquake in … [Read more...]

Interesting Links: Dress Codes, Childless Jews, Israel Trip

I hope you will enjoy today's selection of links. Interested in visiting Israel? The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project writes: We offer highly subsidized trips to Israel for Jewish Women 30-55 to INSPIRE THEM.  Our missions run from June through November. "If you inspire a woman, you inspire a … [Read more...]

Emotional Deficits, Matchmaking, Advocacy and More

I hope you'll enjoy today's collection of links. My good friend Anne, famous for taking the Burka pictures that got me started on the topic of hyper-tzniut, has begun her own blog for Israel advocacy known as Anne's Opinions.  Born in London, Anne has strong feelings about the British … [Read more...]

Tu B’Shevat, Tiger Parenting, Chesed Meals, and Israeli Budgeting

I had too much to say about some of  the articles I had planned to include, so I pulled them out for separate posts.  Look for them in the next few days. Never miss a post: Sign up for email updates via Feedblitz. Tu BeShevat begins tonight. Read about some of the myths of the … [Read more...]

Links: Bus Segregation, Divorce, Autism, Harsh Parenting

The post on the veiled women of Beit Shemesh led to record traffic over the last few days. I'll be posting some reactions soon. In the meantime, enjoy these links: Miriyummy's husband models the Talit he won at the Galilee Silks contest. A story about a woman who reorganizes your home and … [Read more...]