Interesting Links: Dress Codes, Childless Jews, Israel Trip

I hope you will enjoy today's selection of links. Interested in visiting Israel? The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project writes: We offer highly subsidized trips to Israel for Jewish Women 30-55 to INSPIRE THEM.  Our missions run from June through November. "If you inspire a woman, you inspire a … [Read more...]

Getting Enough Sleep without “Crying It Out”

After I commented on Chana Jenny Weisberg's post 3 Surefire Ways to Get Babies and Toddlers to Sleep,— Chana invited me to respond in a guest post. Please visit Getting Enough Sleep without "Crying It Out." Chana publishes a weekly newsletter and is famous for her video "pep-talks" for … [Read more...]

Are Cribs a Safe Place for Babies?

During our discussion on the safety of co-sleeping, I pointed out that cribs carry risks as well. They are constantly being recalled. I'm not saying that putting a baby to sleep in a crib is riskier than co-sleeping. So much depends on the situation. Also, it's hard to gather accurate statistics, … [Read more...]

Should Co-Sleeping Be Outlawed?

Milwaukee wants to make bed-sharing illegal. This report looks at this complex reasons for and factors. According to this report, every case of a baby dying in bed in Milwaukee in the last year and a half had one common factor. Can you guess which one? Adult Drinking Other Children in … [Read more...]