(Mostly) Inspiring Links for Rosh Hashanah

I'm pleased to present a great list of links for your reading and viewing pleasure. Mekubal has been bravely reporting details about the pedophile ring in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem. The Ministry of Public Diplomacy start a website for sending new year greetings to Jews across the … [Read more...]

A Frum Fashion History of Denim Skirts

In Tablet Magazine, Dvora Meyers takes readers on a tour of her wardrobe over the years, and how in retrospect, her skirt choices paralleled her journey away from Orthodox Judaism. In this passage, Meyers describes her ambivalence about wearing pants in public for the first time: Even with all … [Read more...]

Interesting Links: Dress Codes, Childless Jews, Israel Trip

I hope you will enjoy today's selection of links. Interested in visiting Israel? The Jewish Women's Renaissance Project writes: We offer highly subsidized trips to Israel for Jewish Women 30-55 to INSPIRE THEM.  Our missions run from June through November. "If you inspire a woman, you inspire a … [Read more...]

Haredi Fashion Photography

Ynet has an article about the newest trend in fashion photography: Haredi models and styles. The article contains a video interview with the first professional haredi fashion photographer, Shprintzi Friedman. I was struck by the length of the skirt worn in the right-hand photo. Since when does … [Read more...]

More Wedding Fashions

This post is NOT part of my series on weddings in the religious Zionist community. I took this picture at a local children's store: Regular Anonymous mentioned wedding dresses with see-through midriffs, so I found two samples. And this exchange appeared in the comments section of Winter … [Read more...]

Winter Fashion Retrospective

I know just what you've been waiting for: a new retrospective by your local fashion expert. In town yesterday to pick up school books, and I also examined some sweaters on sale racks. Each time I glanced up, the salespeople were staring at me with looks of desperation on their faces. It's been … [Read more...]

Shoes and Fashions

The other day I decided to go into town for some errands. My stops were: The tailor, to have a zipper fixed on a coat. The bookstore and toy store to buy gifts for a brit and a child's birthday party. The shoe repair, for the lining in my winter dress shoes. I debated whether to take both … [Read more...]