Winter Fashion Retrospective

I know just what you’ve been waiting for: a new retrospective by your local fashion expert.

In town yesterday to pick up school books, and I also examined some sweaters on sale racks. Each time I glanced up, the salespeople were staring at me with looks of desperation on their faces. It’s been like that every winter, because it has been so warm. The stores order winter clothes, but people don’t buy. This year is slightly colder than last but not enough to make people run to the stores. My kids barely use their winter coats.

On my way home I snapped a few displays. Some cater mainly to the religious market, and others, well, don’t.

Here are two fashions I won’t be wearing this winter:
Mickey Mouse Fashion
This store caters to the young, nationalist crowd.
Tunics over white skirts
It’s a rare season when we see attractive, bright colors. A couple of years ago kelly green and neon orange were in.
More tunics over pants, shawl
This store caters to a more conservative crowd:
Earthy Colors

Black, grey and beige are always in:
Black Fashions
This store offers slightly more color, with the usual odd combinations of fabric and patterns:
More Jackets

We have an upscale children’s store for the religious crowd:
Children's Fashions

A bridal salon:
Israeli Bridal Fashion
This discount store offers a variety of styles in neutral colors:
Sweaters, Jackets and Vests in Neutral Colors
Finally, Robin spotted this funky jacket while in town with me this morning:
Funky fur-trimmed jacket

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  1. That’s some cleavage on those bridal gowns – hasn’t anyone told brides that by the time they’re walking down the aisle they’ve already snagged the guy? Not to mention that that the skirt on the righthand one won’t fit through the doorway of the hall and is at serious risk of taking flight…

    That Felix the Cat top takes the cake though. Holy Overly Large Cat Faces Batman.

  2. Robin, thanks for identifying that animal. I won’t tell what I almost said it was.

  3. The “upscale children’s store” looks like it belongs in my neighborhood – I see a lot of girls wearing these clothes. Mostly on Sundays, since they wear uniforms to school and fancier clothes on Shabbos. So they need different but still upscale clothes for Sunday.

  4. Oh come on, you have to tell – don’t leave us hanging like that ;).

    • Robin and Sylvia-Rachel: I was going to say Mickey Mouse. I can’t tell the difference between cartoon characters, and I had the problem with my kids’ toys too. But I do know the difference between a live cat and mouse, fortunately. 🙂

  5. This is hilarious.

    I noted that what you called “conservative” had red in it – shocking. You should do a fashion post on Far Rockaway – probably parts of Brooklyn would be similar – mostly black on little girls. Maybe a bit of maroon or a dark blue. But red?

  6. sylvia_rachel says

    I thought it was that character we used to call Ratón Mickey when I was a kid in Spain. When I looked again I saw that he has the wrong ears and the wrong nose, but …

  7. Robin wrote,

    “That’s some cleavage on those bridal gowns – hasn’t anyone told brides that by the time they’re walking down the aisle they’ve already snagged the guy?”

    I think that in Israeli society in general there is confusion between beauty and sexiness. A fully-covered bride can look beautiful as long as she smiles genuinely and her hair isn’t a mess, but when people here think of a bride looking good for her wedding, they automatically assume she should wear something revealing.

  8. what are the prices like for clothes in israel?

    • Sue, it varies widely, but you have to be careful about quality.The good clothes tend to be expensive. One friend said that to get a good outfit for a wedding she expects to pay at least NIS1000 and some pay closer to double that.
      Sweaters range from 40 to NIS 100, but of course you can always find things for more. It’s really hard to say.

  9. Regular Anonymous says

    This country seems to specialize in ugly bridal gowns. They are just not attractive, forget about the fact that they are revealing.

    But I’ve seen worse – evidently the new wedding dress fashion is see-through lace on the midriff area.

  10. Every sort of style is available here, totally amazing. Also it’s easy, too easy, to get gorgeous clothes in large sizes. Now that I’ve lost weight, I had to get things taken in, since I can’t afford a new wardrobe, and I do have nice clothes which were too big, B”H.

  11. Is that really Felix the Cat?