Winter Fashion Retrospective

I know just what you've been waiting for: a new retrospective by your local fashion expert. In town yesterday to pick up school books, and I also examined some sweaters on sale racks. Each time I glanced up, the salespeople were staring at me with looks of desperation on their faces. It's been … [Read more...]

What Are Your Favorite Posts?

Hayim Ozer Street, Petach Tikva Like Ilana-Davita, I copped out of NaBloPoMo.  By the time I got home from a meeting last night, getting into bed took higher priority. In the older, Blogger version of this blog, I listed popular posts in the sidebar. I'd appreciate input to do the same here. … [Read more...]

Ethiopian Integration in Petach Tikva Religious Schools

Petach Tikva has always been in the forefront of the debate over exclusivity and inclusion in the state religious school system. Introduction: A Short History of Integration and Private Schools in Petach Tikva Petach Tikva has both affluent and poor neighborhoods. There has long been bad feeling … [Read more...]

Hoopoe Duo: Summer Stock Sunday

Israelis love hoopoes, and voted them in as its national bird. I spotted this pair digging in the local park: For more of this week's summer stock photos, see Robin's blog. Last week's entry: Pitangos … [Read more...]

Local Kabbalah Cult?

"So who is moving into Kiryat Matalon as the older people die out?" I ask the woman I met in the park (let's call her P). P has just explained that Kiryat Matalon, her upscale neighborhood at the western entrance of Petach Tikvah, no longer has enough kids to justify its own elementary … [Read more...]

On Hoopoes, Black Cats, and Dodecagons

A few months ago, the city began to erect a traffic circle at this dangerous intersection. Work stopped temporarily when residents of a neighboring street sued the city out of concern for the extra traffic in front of their homes. I am more concerned about the safety of the intersection, but I … [Read more...]

Petach Tikva: Election Issues

In light of my previous post, Lion of Zion asked about the issues in the upcoming municipal elections.We will cast two ballots this Tuesday, one for the local council (27 seats) and another for mayor. This year 159,000 residents have voting rights, beginning at age 17. The incumbent mayor, Itzik … [Read more...]

My Run-In with Airport Security

(Note: I bumped this post up because I just ran into the dog-owner and gave her the URL.) Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? The daughter of a non-Jewish online friend thought Israel would be an exotic destination for her daughter's project, so last week Stanley arrived in the mail. We are … [Read more...]

Revolutionary Road and Our Book Club

I belong to a book club, consisting of a diverse group of women with an addiction to books. Its purpose is not to discuss books (although we do), but to supply ample reading material in English. Steimatzky has a monopoly on book sales in Israel, making new paperbacks prohibitively expensive. Each … [Read more...]