Hoopoe Duo: Summer Stock Sunday

Israelis love hoopoes, and voted them in as its national bird. I spotted this pair digging in the local park:


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  1. Summer is always more fun when you have a buddy!

  2. They always crack me up – it’s like they were reassembled in a chop shop from mismatched parts!

  3. I checked, and hoopoes do not even appear on the Highland Park Bird Sightings list. Like I had to check. Cute birds.

  4. I love those guys and I don’t ever think I’ve seen them not in a pair.

  5. I loved this photo. I love hoopoes. And the cheerful little Nachlieli bird, who comes around in autumn. Hoopoes do look clownlike, but work so hard digging up live food from the ground with their long beaks – I just do like them.

    On the other hand, I also like those utmost rascals, crows.

  6. they’re very pretty

  7. Hoopoe birds are very pretty and kind of cute. Would be nice to have them around.

  8. Such lovely birds. I once saw one with its crest fully open, but couldn’t capture in my lens.

  9. I see them in my yard, also in pairs.