What Are Your Favorite Posts?

Hayim Ozer Street, Petach Tikva

Like Ilana-Davita, I copped out of NaBloPoMo.  By the time I got home from a meeting last night, getting into bed took higher priority.

In the older, Blogger version of this blog, I listed popular posts in the sidebar. I’d appreciate input to do the same here. What do you think I should include?  It can be a post with a memorable discussion or useful information, or perhaps (I hope) one that touched you in some way.

You don’t need to find the post. Just give me a few details and I’ll track it down. Thank you!


  1. Definitely your commentary on Mishpacha Magazines’s “Pesach cleaning” series.

  2. Love that bench.

    I remember reading about your mom in the early days of your blog, before I was a real reader. I doubt that is popular with most of your readers, but anything about your mom usually strikes a cord inside me. You wrote about her around RH this year.

    And then that post with the pics from during the Gaza war…

  3. The Goats in PT (or was it BB?)

  4. I feel totally abandoned. 🙁

  5. Hey Baila, what am I, chopped liver ;)?

  6. Robin, you’re right, not totally abandoned, then, just….I don’t even know how I feel. (And the turtle is dead BTW).

  7. Oh, I know that place!

  8. So you copped out too, too bad! I like a lot of your posts so it’s a difficult question.