Seminar for Bloggers, Journalists, Writers and Web Publishers

An Amophora Events seminar May 26 for serious bloggers, journalists and Web publishers With speakers Karin Kloosterman, editor of Green Prophet The Ethical Line Between Blogging And Journalism Eran Davidov of Israel Catalog Nice Blog But Are You Making Any Money? Join two of … [Read more...]

How I Do It All (Sometimes)

Image by via Flickr My friend asked for a few posts on time management. “I don’t understand how you find time to cook, raise children, manage the house and write so much.” The subject has been on my mind since I was asked to speak on time management at the Kishor Social Media … [Read more...]

Reviving a Tired Blog: Advice for (Not So Beginning) Bloggers:

Bicycle At the blogging event last night at Baila's in Modiin. I promised to help bloggers become more creative. I don't know whether I kept my promise, but I woke up full of new ideas. I hope the rest of you feel the same. Some of you mentioned that blogging has gotten harder. Perhaps your … [Read more...]

Israeli Blogger’s Event with Jacob Share of Job Mob

When Jacob Share noticed that he had an easier time getting job interviews than his friends, he decided to publish his tips on a blog even though he barely knew what one was. After three years, his Job Mob is among the ten most popular job search blogs, with 1.5 million page views in 2009. Jacob … [Read more...]

Review of 2009: Ten Best Comment Threads at A Mother in Israel

This is part of Daniel Scocco's Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review. I've compiled the most interesting comment threads since the beginning 2009. I left out many excellent posts where everyone agreed with me—below are the posts that inspired debate and discussion. A psychologist wrote about … [Read more...]

Advice for Beginning Bloggers: Linking to Earlier Posts

This is part of a series, Advice for Beginning Bloggers. Blog Under Your Real Name. Linking to your old posts is called internal linking. Here are some tips for drawing readers back into your blog and increasing traffic. Why Include Internal Links? It helps long-time readers feel at home … [Read more...]

What Are Your Favorite Posts?

Hayim Ozer Street, Petach Tikva Like Ilana-Davita, I copped out of NaBloPoMo.  By the time I got home from a meeting last night, getting into bed took higher priority. In the older, Blogger version of this blog, I listed popular posts in the sidebar. I'd appreciate input to do the same here. … [Read more...]

Advice for Beginning Bloggers: Blog Under Your Real Name

[The first paragraph from my previous post was left out by mistake: I decided to join Phyllis and Robin (and Baila!) on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where you post every day for the month. I'm a day late, but never mind. In addition to my usual topics, I will be sharing pictures from … [Read more...]

Blogger’s Night Out in Petach Tikva

Last night Mimi of Israeli Kitchen and I hosted a Blogger's Evening in Petach Tikva. Really, Mimi hosted, baked and prepared and I just showed up. We gave out suggested questions and assigned partners at random to interview. Then each blogger presented his or her partner to the group. Mimi from … [Read more...]

My New Blog: CookingManager.Com

Dear Readers, I am excited to share my new blog, CookingManager.Com. Cooking Manager is about efficient cooking, a topic I've written about many times. It's meant for people who are looking to cut cooking costs, save time, and learn how to cook more from scratch. I'm especially interested in … [Read more...]