Funny Things My Kids Said in 2009

Image via Wikipedia I've collected my 2009 Facebook "status messages" about my two youngest children, in order to inflict them all on you at once. My son is now 8 and my daughter nearly six. Here they are, starting in January. Daughter: "What color do white and white make? Light … [Read more...]

Review of 2009: Ten Best Comment Threads at A Mother in Israel

This is part of Daniel Scocco's Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review. I've compiled the most interesting comment threads since the beginning 2009. I left out many excellent posts where everyone agreed with me—below are the posts that inspired debate and discussion. A psychologist wrote about … [Read more...]

Shidduch Investigations

Cross-posted at DovBear In some Orthodox Jewish circles, marriages are arranged by the parents (shidduchim). The parents investigate the other side before the couple can meet. Much has been written about irrelevant concerns, such as whether the family uses white tablecloths on Shabbat. Here … [Read more...]

Why “Average” Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part I

Why "Average" Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part II We received an advertising supplement from a travel agency catering to the haredi public called "Pesach Plus." According to the supplement reservations for Passover hotels have increased this year. Despite the economic downturn, the … [Read more...]