How to Make 550 Shidduchim

In yesterday's Makor Rishon, Yael (Freund) Avraham published an entertaining interview with matchmaker Tova Schmessian. Despite being bedridden because of paralysis, she has fixed up some of the most hopeless prospects and made 550 matches over the last 40 years. Many of her clients have … [Read more...]

A Cosmetic Solution to the Shidduch Problem

In a marriage market where men are scarce, Yitta Halberstam of the Jewish Press advises young women to take care with their appearance. Update: Halberstam Defends Her Stance Ironically, Halberstam noticed the neglected appearance of the Beis Yaakov grads at an event intended to humanize the … [Read more...]

Shidduch Investigations

Cross-posted at DovBear In some Orthodox Jewish circles, marriages are arranged by the parents (shidduchim). The parents investigate the other side before the couple can meet. Much has been written about irrelevant concerns, such as whether the family uses white tablecloths on Shabbat. Here … [Read more...]