Four Pre-Passover Questions

Image by Daniel Greene via Flickr Please check out the new banner that Leora of Here in Highland Park designed for CookingManager.Com. She also designed the banner for this blog. Here at "A Mother in Israel" we've been known to poke fun at people who get too worked up about Pesach. But with … [Read more...]

Easy Purim Costume Ideas

Image by via Flickr Purim will be here before you know it. My 6-year-old wants to be a magician. Fortunately I have a cape I made in an ambitious moment a few years ago. My 8-year-old decided he wants to win the contest for most original costume, and is excited about dressing up as a … [Read more...]

Why “Average” Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part I

Why "Average" Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part II We received an advertising supplement from a travel agency catering to the haredi public called "Pesach Plus." According to the supplement reservations for Passover hotels have increased this year. Despite the economic downturn, the … [Read more...]