Four Pre-Passover Questions

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Here at “A Mother in Israel” we’ve been known to poke fun at people who get too worked up about Pesach. But with the Passover holiday only a few weeks away, it’s time to start making plans. Here are four questions to ask yourself now to make your preparations easier.

  • What food do you need to use up? Plan menus to include them. Don’t buy extra food that you will have to store or sell over the holiday. Is there any holiday food, like matzah, meat, or wine, that I need to order? Some readers have ordered items already.
  • Who will be celebrating with you? Invite guests (or get invited) soon, before people make other plans.  Do you know someone who needs an invitation? How about day trips for  chol hamoed (intermediate days of the holiday)?
  • What non-food items do you need to purchase? Take out last year’s post-Pesach list, where you wrote down kitchen supplies you needed to add or replace. Keep the list handy to compare prices. In Israel, household items drop in price closer to the holiday, and even more afterward..
  • What tasks have you been putting off? Decide which ones need to be done before the holiday. I’m talking about things like mending, repairs, dry-cleaning, hanging pictures,or getting rid of unwanted items.


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  1. I need energy. After spending all day working on the computer (thanks for the wonderful mention at the top of this post), I would rather just play a game or read a book than clean out my freezer.

    Can you write a post on how to motivate children to do their share? I could really use help with that.

  2. I always take into account the days of the week on which the holidays fall when advance planning, especially for Passover. I have to kasher my kitchen the Wednesday before: Sunday is too late. Saturday and Thursday night are both too impractical. So my plan is to clean the kitchen the Wednesday before and kasher that evening. Because it’s so far in advance, I may leave some of the upstairs rooms until after I’ve kashered. My husband hates this – he hates the idea that random Cheerios that may be in someone’s bedroom may find their way into the Pesachdik kitchen. But I really don’t have a choice. My kids are b”h getting a little bigger so there is less chametz scattered about. And I also really, truly believe that Chametz Doesn’t Fly By Itself.

  3. MOI: just lack of time, even on weekends & evenings.