Blogging Forgiveness for Yom Kippur

Blogging is all about communication and relationships: relationships with readers, commenters and other bloggers. Those relationships are important to me, and I haven't always nurtured them the way I should. So I'd like to ask forgiveness . . . For giving incorrect or misleading information, or … [Read more...]

Israeli Blogger’s Event with Jacob Share of Job Mob

When Jacob Share noticed that he had an easier time getting job interviews than his friends, he decided to publish his tips on a blog even though he barely knew what one was. After three years, his Job Mob is among the ten most popular job search blogs, with 1.5 million page views in 2009. Jacob … [Read more...]

Review of 2009: Ten Best Comment Threads at A Mother in Israel

This is part of Daniel Scocco's Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review. I've compiled the most interesting comment threads since the beginning 2009. I left out many excellent posts where everyone agreed with me—below are the posts that inspired debate and discussion. A psychologist wrote about … [Read more...]

Advice for Beginning Bloggers: Linking to Earlier Posts

This is part of a series, Advice for Beginning Bloggers. Blog Under Your Real Name. Linking to your old posts is called internal linking. Here are some tips for drawing readers back into your blog and increasing traffic. Why Include Internal Links? It helps long-time readers feel at home … [Read more...]