My Family Visit to Bogota

Seven flights, eight airports, four languages, four currencies and four continents. I just returned from Bogota and Medellin, Colombia, where I attended the Latin American Breastfeeding Conference. Even though my Spanish was poor, I managed not to come down with typhus, yellow fever, malaria, … [Read more...]

Grabbing the Chapper: A Model of Israeli Tolerance and Cooperation

With national elections around the corner it's easy to spot intolerance and discord among the Israeli population. Yet I recently discovered an unexpected model of coexistence and cooperation--the chapper. I used to take the bus to travel to Tel Aviv. I knew about the minivan companies that … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel: Back to NY

After Brookside Gardens we went to Max's, a kosher deli, for lunch. My brother hoped we could sit down, but my daughter (DiI) insisted we leave for the airport. I took the food, booster seats, strollers and children onto the Metro and said goodbye to my brother and nephew.At National the … [Read more...]

Highlights of My Washington Trip

The nevertheless entertaining Tisha B'Av edition of Haveil Haveilim can be found over at Simply Jews.We finally arrived in Washington. Usually, by the time I arrive at my sister's house with my small children, the last thing I want to do is get on another plane. But I decided to be brave, and flying … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel: Delta and El Al Stand Off

In my last post I was on my way to the airport.We had reservations for the 5:30 shuttle to Washington, and it looked like we might even catch the 4:30. But when I presented our e-tickets, the Delta agent said our new reservations didn't show up on her computer. "You don't have a reservation for … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel: A long life

A year ago my sister's energetic and charismatic mother-in-law, still living on her own, was diagnosed with incurable cancer. It was sad to hear of this 96-year-old woman suffering at the end of life.My sister called a few days before my trip to tell me that her mother-in-law had stopped eating. She … [Read more...]

Jet lag and secondary jet lag

I handle jet lag well upon arrival in the US. We function during the day, despite waking up at 3 am for several days. By the second morning the kids already woke at 7:30. The return is different. Typically we are all awake at night the first week, then I suffer for an additional week. It's not just … [Read more...]

Adventures in International Travel — Packing Light

Robin, this is for you. In my previous post I mentioned having brought one suitcase for our two-week trip to New York. It weighed 21 kg (about 45 lbs) and contained everything for the four of us, in addition to our hand luggage (also as light as possible).I knew I would be staying at my sister's and … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel, Part I: An unexpected stop

The woman ahead of us in line for luggage inspection at Ben Gurion Airport was taking a long time. A man from a second line that fed into ours, who had arrived long after us, made his way to the front and tried to get his items through. I told him that we were next. He replied that he had paid … [Read more...]

My Run-In with Airport Security

(Note: I bumped this post up because I just ran into the dog-owner and gave her the URL.) Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? The daughter of a non-Jewish online friend thought Israel would be an exotic destination for her daughter's project, so last week Stanley arrived in the mail. We are … [Read more...]