Summer Stock Sunday: Pitangos

Robin from Around the Island started Summer Stock Sunday, a photo meme. Click on the links below to see what other bloggers have posted. A few years ago, a friend pointed out a pitango tree with its tangy, red berries that ripen throughout the late spring and early summer. I would have gone … [Read more...]

The Watermelon Horse

Israel is a country of contradictions. You can walk down the street and find futuristic robots , a herd of goats, or the owner of a horse and cart making a sale. My husband made up a song he calls, "Do you know the watermelon horse?," based on the song about the muffin man. When the children … [Read more...]

My Run-In with Airport Security

(Note: I bumped this post up because I just ran into the dog-owner and gave her the URL.) Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? The daughter of a non-Jewish online friend thought Israel would be an exotic destination for her daughter's project, so last week Stanley arrived in the mail. We are … [Read more...]