Sign Urging Modest Dress in Central Petach Tikva

One of the things I love about Petach Tikva is its diversity. We have rich, poor, Russians, Ethiopians, Anglos, religious and secular. Even a few Christians and Arabs. So I don't quite know what to think about this sign posted on Herzl Street near the center of town, on an abandoned building just … [Read more...]

The Watermelon Horse

Israel is a country of contradictions. You can walk down the street and find futuristic robots , a herd of goats, or the owner of a horse and cart making a sale. My husband made up a song he calls, "Do you know the watermelon horse?," based on the song about the muffin man. When the children … [Read more...]

Petach Tikva’s Bat Cave

[My Purim basket Giveaway ends Monday, March 3.] Sometimes the urban environment is an ideal place for wild animals. Here's an example: In 2006, Petach Tikva's two hospitals merged to form the Rabin Medical Center. Since then, several new buildings have appeared at the Beilinson campus while the … [Read more...]

Environmental Dissidence

My son's school has been emphasizing the importance of the environment. He insists on bringing his sandwich in a reusable container and refuses a recycled bread bag. And a few months ago the school hosted an event on environmental topics, including making crafts with recycled items and a discussion … [Read more...]

On Hoopoes, Black Cats, and Dodecagons

A few months ago, the city began to erect a traffic circle at this dangerous intersection. Work stopped temporarily when residents of a neighboring street sued the city out of concern for the extra traffic in front of their homes. I am more concerned about the safety of the intersection, but I … [Read more...]