Notes from the Shiva: Sholom Wacholder z”l

I am sorry to report the death of my brother, Dr. Sholom Wacholder z"l, on October 4, 2015, during the Sukkot holiday. He had been sick for two years. I attended the funeral in Maryland, and returned to finish sitting shiva at home from after Shabbat. Sholom was 9 years older, and possessed an … [Read more...]

Explaining Death to Children (Plus Notes on 9 Av)

In honor of the nine days of mourning leading up to the commemoration of the destruction of the Temple on 9 Av, which we observe this Sunday, I share this email from a reader. A very close friend of ours died about a month ago and last week our rabbi's adult son died.there has been talk of funerals … [Read more...]

Virtues of Virtual Relationships: Shiva and Social Media

I was sitting with my friend, T. at the shiva for her father. "I want you to write about this," she says suddenly. "I don't know how to write. I know you'll write something poignant, with humor, like you always do." We've taken care of the humor, at least. Here is the story. T. made aliyah as a … [Read more...]

Thoughts from the Shiva

Update: I added one tip at the end. When someone dies people are often unsure what to do and how to help. I just got up from shiva, the week-long mourning period for my father, and I thought it might be useful to record some of my experiences. I appreciated every call, message, visit and offer … [Read more...]

Notes from a Granddaughter

My niece, Tzipora Wacholder, gave me permission to post her memories of my father, Ben Zion Wacholder z"l. More memories will be shared on the Ben Zion Wacholder z"l memorial page, to be maintained by my niece Shifra. You can send material or links to   My … [Read more...]

Sad News

I am sorry to report the death of my father, Dr. Ben Zion Wacholder, today in NY. The funeral will take place in New York tomorrow (Wednesday), followed by burial here in Israel on Thursday. Shiva (mourning at home) will be through Wednesday morning. Baruch Dayan Haemet--Blessed is the true judge. … [Read more...]

Sad News

I just learned that Helene, a frequent commenter on a Mother in Israel, died last week in California after a long fight with cancer. I didn't know her well, but always enjoyed Helene's spicy comments about the joys and benefits of breastfeeding, cooking, and homeschooling. She loved Judaism and was … [Read more...]

Sad News (Updated)

I just saw an announcement about the death of Baila's father. Baila, I'm so sorry. Update: Baila will be sitting shiva in Modiin for one day only, on Tuesday, starting at 9 am. Contact me for the address at mominisrael at … [Read more...]

A Subdued Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

A member of our shul, a mother of five, lost her fight with cancer on the first night of Rosh Hashana. When the family realized that her death was near, they checked her into the hospital and stayed with her. Had she died at home, the burial would have taken place on Yom Tov with the family walking … [Read more...]

Who are you waiting for, Miss America? Guess not.

Last night we went to the shiva for the mother of an old friend. The friend told how her mother's mother studied piano with Bess Myerson, the first (and only?) Jewish Miss America. My friend's great-grandmother tried to fix up one of her sons with Bess, but they weren't interested. If I have it … [Read more...]