Virtues of Virtual Relationships: Shiva and Social Media

I was sitting with my friend, T. at the shiva for her father. "I want you to write about this," she says suddenly. "I don't know how to write. I know you'll write something poignant, with humor, like you always do." We've taken care of the humor, at least. Here is the story. T. made aliyah as a … [Read more...]

A Creative Solution for Unruly Teenagers

In the excellent book On Writing Well by William Zinsser, the author suggests improving your writing by imitating other writers you admire. My most recent post on cooking is modeled on Frugal Journey, Raanana Ramblings inspired my post on Efi, and the following is the kind of story that Rafi would … [Read more...]

Birth, Death, Illness, and Breastfeeding

The other night I attended an evening of prayer and song for the recovery of Penina bat Shimona and her premature baby, Odeya Chana bat Penina. Please keep them in your prayers. At the evening I met a woman from my synagogue, who asked me what I do. When I said that I counsel breastfeeding … [Read more...]