More Wedding Fashions

This post is NOT part of my series on weddings in the religious Zionist community.

I took this picture at a local children’s store:

Revealing Dresses for Girls
Regular Anonymous mentioned wedding dresses with see-through midriffs, so I found two samples.

Israeli wedding dress with see-through midriff

And this exchange appeared in the comments section of Winter Fashion Retrospective:

Robin: That’s some cleavage on those bridal gowns – hasn’t anyone told brides that by the time they’re walking down the aisle they’ve already snagged the guy?

Daniel: I think that in Israeli society in general there is confusion between beauty and sexiness. A fully-covered bride can look beautiful as long as she smiles genuinely and her hair isn’t a mess, but when people here think of a bride looking good for her wedding, they automatically assume she should wear something revealing.


  1. Those look like undergarments for the bride, not the dresses themselves. Unless I’m horribly wrong…

  2. Sadly, Christy, you are wrong.

  3. I’ll never forget the wedding in Tel Aviv of one of my husband’s suppliers. His bride wore an extremely revealing dress, that became even more revealing every time that she got emotional (before the chuppah) and whenever she danced, as her bust simply escaped the dress… I wonder how the grooms are happy with their brides showing off all they’ve got- don’t they prefer to keep it to themselves? Sadly, I guess not.

  4. According to Hadassah Sabo’s opinion (at “In the Pink”) Robin and Daniel are just
    ” extremely jealous of these gorgeous bodies and knows that her own bodacious bod can never measure up. She hides that under the guise of being socially aware and “feminist” and probably has not even admitted it to herself.”
    OK -she said it about something else, but it seems asimilar issue

  5. Gemini-Girl says

    I can’t believe that style of dress is still popular! When I got married in 2005 in Israel, the salon where I did my hair/ makeup had brides that day wearing that same dress- forma size 4 to a size 16! It was insane. I just dont get it. SO ugly.

  6. I had the same reaction Christy had. I know revealing fashions are in style for the bride, but these look really cheap in the sense of “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Even brides who don’t feel a religious obligation to remain covered may not want to flash so much flesh. As for those who believe that anyone who has got it would flaunt it, they should look at some early bridal picture. For example, Grace Kelly was a very beautiful woman with a fine figure, but her wedding gown was completely tznius with high neck and long sleeves — no midriff baring. See

  7. Ariella, that link didn’t work but I found this one:

    Not tznius by today’s frumkeit standards, but not too revealing either. She did marry a prince after all!

  8. It also was a church wedding, and bare shoulders were not considered acceptable in church. In most photos I’ve seen the lace does not look sheer as it does in the colorized photo. If these links will work, you can see it both in a B/W photo and in color on a mannequin. I think when they colorized that photo they drew in flesh tones underneath; in all other pictures the lace does not appear sheer. It was probably lined.