Haredi Fashion Photography


Photo by Shprintzi Friedman via Ynet

Ynet has an article about the newest trend in fashion photography: Haredi models and styles. The article contains a video interview with the first professional haredi fashion photographer, Shprintzi Friedman.

I was struck by the length of the skirt worn in the right-hand photo. Since when does “haredi fashion” include short skirts?

The pictures are meant for catalogues since haredi magazines, even those aimed at women, don’t print photos of women.


Photo by Shprintzi Friedman via Ynet

Hat tip: Rafi of Life in Israel

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  1. truthfully, the one on the right may cover everything, but it doesn’t look all that modest. Modesty isn’t just about covering as much skin as possible.

    • I disagree, I believe the one on the right looks very modest! Love the pictures and the blog!

    • Its not about looking frumpy either. If all the requirements are met. then its modest.

  2. Not one of these pictures shows the Charedi mode of dress in any way. Almost all of them are reminiscent of the “Hot Chanie” mode of dress!

  3. Not religious posture nor poses.

  4. I think the short dress has a longer, narrow skirt underneath, but it’s hard to tell.

    In my (American) neighborhood which is mostly yeshivish (American chareidi), short skirts are very common, although they’re often worn with long sheitels. They’re also usually worn with opaque tights, but tonight I saw a woman, older than her twenties, wearing an above-knee skirt with sheer stockings (and a sheitel). Wow.

    (Not that I pass judgment on people who wear short skirts – but the atmosphere of the community is very yeshivish. I’m surprised that this is so common).

  5. Nurse Yachne says

    I agree–this is Hot Chani territory. Explain to me again why sharwallim and tunics are such a bad, bad idea, while tight skirts are “better”…My Right Brain hurts.

  6. You’d be shocked at how short the skirts are in Bnei Brak, and how form fitting everything is.

    Unless they’re supposed to be worn under a shawl or burka…

  7. I don’t know of this would be called chareidi for some reason I associate chareidi with more modest less stylish clothing, but hey what do I know. I also wouldn’t call this “hot Chanie” becasue I know that you people are talking about us Lubavitch women, and honestly lubuvs have even more style than this , more unique , funkier, looks, I think this is modern yeshivish, or I don’t know I just made that category up. I would like to point out that the short dress you are all referring to has a black skirt underneath called a French tube skirt to add length to short dresses.


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