Getting Enough Sleep without “Crying It Out”

After I commented on Chana Jenny Weisberg's post 3 Surefire Ways to Get Babies and Toddlers to Sleep,— Chana invited me to respond in a guest post. Please visit Getting Enough Sleep without "Crying It Out." Chana publishes a weekly newsletter and is famous for her video "pep-talks" for … [Read more...]

Trusting our children

One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a mother was about relinquishing control."Training" my children to do things before they were developmentally ready wasted time and emotional energy. How I regret those power struggles.Eventually I realized that there were many things I didn't need to … [Read more...]

Between Two and Four

What is the number one obstacle to remaining sane while raising small children in Israel? No, it’s not the cost of your child’s birthday party in gan.Shhh--I'm talking about the afternoon quiet hours. Ask any immigrant mother how she first learned about the rule requiring quiet between two and … [Read more...]

A cure for insomnia?

This morning she explained, "That way is a faster way to close my eyes." … [Read more...]

New Book on Babies and Sleep

I have written quite a few posts on the benefits of cosleeping and the negative effects of allowing babies to cry. James McKenna, PhD., probably the foremost researcher on the topic of mother-infant cosleeping, has written Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Co-Sleeping. In this interview … [Read more...]

Unsafe Suggestions?

A commenter on Orthonomics, which linked to my post on frugal babies, posted this to me: . . .some of the things you suggested in your blog are known to pose a health risk to your child and family, such as co-sleeping in the same bed (lowest SIDS risk is same room /different bed), or washing cloth … [Read more...]

No, Emuna, There Are No Lactation Police

Emuna Braverman on, with an article entitled: A Radical Parenting Theory. Quotes are in italics. Discussing lactivism, the editor wrote, "But there is a line, at least in my mind, between supporting the nursing mother and insisting that you know the best thing for her family. … [Read more...]