Pesach Excess

While my house gets turned upside-down in advance of Passover (and no, I won't tell you where I'm "holding"), I've gathered yet more thoughts about Pesach. First of all, it is hard. Even the minimum involves hard physical labor and more important, planning. Not everyone is blessed with … [Read more...]

Creative Cooking Using Leftovers: Chicken Casserole

chicken casserole I am enjoying Mimi's challenge of cooking with whatever she has in the house. As food manager of a large family I have had to learn to keep well-stocked, but when I run low I try not to run across the street. We shop at a large grocery every three weeks or so, the shuk for produce … [Read more...]

Updated: Lessons for Life: Rude Pizzeria Owner Lambasted on Internet

Who could imagine that a rude storekeeper would attract such attention in our little country, never admired for its warm customer service?According to financial magazine Globes, a woman came with her autistic child into a pizza store for a lesson in practical living, giving him a 20-shekel bill and … [Read more...]

A visit with Abbi, and the bug in the challah dough

What I've been up to this week:Met Commenter Abbi in the park. Her children are so sweet! (Sorry about the photo quality--I can't get through to Canon about repairing the camera.) I was glad for an excuse to get out of the house and socialize. On a related note, I don't understand how Israeli … [Read more...]

Modiin Mom Told to Nurse in the Changing Room

Yiska visited a mall in Modiin with her young baby. Here is her story:I was at the mall this morning with my 3-week-old daughter. While modestly nursing her, a security guard approached me and told me I shouldn't nurse in public, and that there is a changing room which I should use, "so everyone … [Read more...]

Left foot, left foot, left foot, right

My mother always advised buying identical pairs of socks. That way you still have matching pairs even after you lose a few. Sock manufacturers have figured this out, obviously, because they sell socks in packages containing different colors and designs.My husband says I need to spell out the meaning … [Read more...]

A Clean City with Lots of Shoe Stores

I remember my mother taking me from store to store trying to find a pair of shoes that fit. My own daughter is fairly easy to shop for, but we must have gone into fifteen stores over two days to find sandals for her rapidly enlarging feet. In most of the stores, she wouldn't consider even a single … [Read more...]

Navigating an Israeli Supermarket

I once read a blog post by an American on an extended visit to Israel, raving about how much easier it is to keep kosher in Israel than in the US. True, a variety of kosher food is available just about everywhere in Israel. But keeping kosher in Israel is far from simple.Lately we have been shopping … [Read more...]

Between Two and Four

What is the number one obstacle to remaining sane while raising small children in Israel? No, it’s not the cost of your child’s birthday party in gan.Shhh--I'm talking about the afternoon quiet hours. Ask any immigrant mother how she first learned about the rule requiring quiet between two and … [Read more...]

Israeli Fashions for Religious Women

My town has seen a proliferation of stores catering to religious women; I am sharing some highlights with my loyal readers. For the first few years after I made aliyah, the only colors in women's clothes were beige, brown, and gray. Then things improved, and for a season or two you could find … [Read more...]