Pesach Excess

While my house gets turned upside-down in advance of Passover (and no, I won't tell you where I'm "holding"), I've gathered yet more thoughts about Pesach. First of all, it is hard. Even the minimum involves hard physical labor and more important, planning. Not everyone is blessed with … [Read more...]

Pesach Crisis Cleaning Checklist

Image by Eugene of Norway via Flickr When it comes to Passover I don't like to talk about where I'm "holding," because I don't want to hear that my neighbor has set her seder table while my house looks like a tornado ran through it. But those who are inspired by others' progress should look … [Read more...]

Wikler on Cooperation

I like this article from Aish about cooperation from children because the author, Meir Wikler, expects children to help out as a matter of course. We shouldn't need to give prizes or even stickers to our children every time they help us, nor inflict a "consequence," even a "natural" one, on our … [Read more...]