Links: Hyper-Tzniut, Childfree, and More

I hope you enjoy today’s collection of links.

  1. A Mikvah Poem by Anonymous at JewishMoms.Com.
  2. Liz researches the costs of buying food in Tel Aviv. Her findings may surprise you.
  3. Leora interviews me on blogging, at Websites for Small Biz. I especially enjoyed the comments.
  4. Chris Mulford is a breastfeeding advocate who died last week. I enjoyed these two essays that she wrote: It’s Great to Be a Mammal and Supporting Mothers and Their Babies in Public Nursing.
  5. Haredim in Jerusalem are considering opening a segregated shuk with separate hours for men and women.
  6. A sociologist sees Orthodox Jews moving to the left, religiously, both in the US and among English-speaking immigrants to Israel.
  7. Haaretz reports on a study of childfree adults in Israel.
  8. Kikar Shabbat has pictures of a hyper-tzanua (ultra-modest) wedding in Jerusalem’s Neturei Karta community. It looks like the bride’s face is uncovered. The groom is 16, the bride presumably the same age or younger. The wedding took place on an apartment balcony, to avoid interruption by the group’s opponents. (Hat tip: Jameel)
  9. Via Google Translate, Ido Keinan reports on the illegality of women’s pictures in Bnei Brak. The law in question prohibits hanging posters that may hurt the public’s feelings.
  10. The resignation of over 1000 medical residents goes into effect today. Socialized medicine has its price.


  1. Very sad. Unfortunately, these extremists are moving Judaism to the right with them.
    See this link for an example.

    They may have won the battle in Beit Shemesh, but they will loose the war.
    I am so scared that my grandchildren will be raised in a Taliban nation.

  2. Thank for the link and for your last comment – yes, blogging and other ventures can be discouraging, and I’m glad you can find a way to overcome discouragement, like by reading encouraging comments from friends.

    I’m curious about food in Tel Aviv and moving to the left (gosh, I certainly don’t see that here!).

  3. I also find it frightening to see that some Jews are looking more and more like extreme Muslims.