A View from Sweden: Covering as a Health Risk for Girls and Women

This comment came to me from Maria Gellert, a Swedish reader, in response to The Problem with Putting Veils on Little Girls. I also found this article from Scientific American outlining the issues surrounding autism and Vitamin D (link no longer active). If the theory that lack of Vitamin is … [Read more...]

Links: Bus Segregation, Divorce, Autism, Harsh Parenting

The post on the veiled women of Beit Shemesh led to record traffic over the last few days. I'll be posting some reactions soon. In the meantime, enjoy these links: Miriyummy's husband models the Talit he won at the Galilee Silks contest. A story about a woman who reorganizes your home and … [Read more...]

Autism Diagnosis: Dreaming a New Dream

This is a guest post by Victoria Feinerman. When our son, Z, was 13 months old, we took him to the pediatrician. We were concerned that he had only learned a couple of words, never pointed to items of interest, and failed to look at things pointed out to him. The doctor replied that we should … [Read more...]

In Defense of “Fascist” Email List Moderators

Image by .mw via Flickr Jameel complained about the rejection of a public service message by moderators of the Modiin community email list. The message was from parents looking for other religious parents of autistic children interested in a residential program. The sender received the following … [Read more...]