Emotional Deficits, Matchmaking, Advocacy and More

facebook-logo-red I hope you’ll enjoy today’s collection of links.

  1. My good friend Anne, famous for taking the Burka pictures that got me started on the topic of hyper-tzniut, has begun her own blog for Israel advocacy known as Anne’s Opinions.  Born in London, Anne has strong feelings about the British press.
  2. Ruti Mizrahi asks you to vote for her friend’s project to help the homeless in Jerusalem.
  3. Ynet on the Taliban women. It looks like the veiled girls are drawing some attention from the authorities.
  4. The FDA approves a promising drug to prevent premature birth.
  5. Midwest Mama in Israel writes on feminism and marriage as part of Rivki’s marriage series at Life in the Married Lane.
  6. Michele Borba believes in Helping Kids with Emotional Deficits, by teaching them about non-verbal clues.
  7. Kosher Cooking Carnival is up over at Mrs. S.
  8. Visit Haveil Haveilim over at Jack’s new site.
  9. Dr. Hale gives suggestions for safe cold remedies while breastfeeding.
  10. Researchers in Haifa found a link between Facebook use and eating disorders.
  11. Jacob Richman has an article by Chana Coggan with Seven Tips for Dealing with Bituach Leumi (the National Insurance Institute).
  12. An inspiring story about soldiers who deliver and save a Palestinian baby.

Thanks to readers AK and BW for sending links.

Photo credit: Jay Cameron


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