Should You Join the Schoolbook Borrowing Program?

Reader Nati asked me whether I knew of a downside to participating in the education ministry's  new schoolbook borrowing plan. Parents have been complaining about the high cost of schoolbooks as long as I've had kids in school. The books get pricier every year, the schools change curricula … [Read more...]

Tu B’Shevat, Tiger Parenting, Chesed Meals, and Israeli Budgeting

I had too much to say about some of  the articles I had planned to include, so I pulled them out for separate posts.  Look for them in the next few days. Never miss a post: Sign up for email updates via Feedblitz. Tu BeShevat begins tonight. Read about some of the myths of the … [Read more...]

Top Fifty Frugality Blogs

I'm honored to be included in Frugal Dad's list of the Top Fifty Frugality Blogs. For new visitors, I've picked out some of my favorite frugal posts: Making a Sourdough Starter Washing Machines and Making Laundry More Frugal Frugal Strategies for Young Children that Pay Off as Your Family … [Read more...]

More Frugal Strategies, Breastfeeding in the Summer, and Haveil Havalim, and Childcare Choices

I wrote about keeping babies hydrated in hot weather at Green Prophet. Squawkfox compiled a list of the best frugal advice from 41 bloggers, dividing them into categories and adding eye-catching graphics. You can see them all here. And in the spirit of frugality, Batya at me-ander presents the … [Read more...]

Frugal Strategies for Young Families that Pay Off as Your Children Grow

As my family grew from a small to a large one with six children, I developed efficient ways to save money. Items that are small expenses with two small children become big ones as the family grows. Below I present ten money-stretching strategies for young couples with a growing family. It takes … [Read more...]

School Supply Survival Guide

How can six-year-olds can keep track of all this stuff? (Of course I know the answer.) For first-grade in Israel you need the discipline of a first-year recruit.School supply list:Ten 40-page notebooks "esser shurot" (10 lines), a math notebook, and ten plastic covers (not eleven?) If you can find … [Read more...]

Back to School, Israel Style

This post is from 2006, and prices have gone up. The summer vacation is ending in about two weeks. School is supposed to start on September 1, but the students in the north asked to start on Sunday September 3, so in solidarity with them all the schools are going to start then (or so I heard).  … [Read more...]