Olim Seek Religiously Tolerant Neighborhood

Reader Debbie is making aliyah with two children, aged 6 and 14. She writes: My husband is in the IT field so we are thinking of living within commuting distance of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or both, if possible. We have been exploring the idea of living, so far, in Ra'anana, Mo'diin, and … [Read more...]

Settlement in Emmanuel Bet Yaakov Segregation Dispute

Update: It looks like the story is not over yet. The rabbinic court said it did not receive notice that Lalom revoked his lawsuit. It criticized him for going to the secular court, and claimed that it never said there was racism. The letter can be seen here (Hebrew). I don't know what the … [Read more...]

Sending a Child to a School Where She’s Not Wanted

Rafi left the following comment on the story of the principal from Beit Shemesh who threatened a student with social isolation: It is sad that this is happening, and I don't understand why the parents insist on sending the kid to this school that doesn't want her. Whatever the reason is, right or … [Read more...]

Working Parents and School Vacation in Israel: Proposal

Next week begins the three weeks of school vacation for the seven-day Passover holiday. The organization Working Parents for Change is working for the government to have fewer vacation days from school and more activities for children during the summer holidays. You can find the Hebrew proposal on … [Read more...]

School Supply Survival Guide

How can six-year-olds can keep track of all this stuff? (Of course I know the answer.) For first-grade in Israel you need the discipline of a first-year recruit.School supply list:Ten 40-page notebooks "esser shurot" (10 lines), a math notebook, and ten plastic covers (not eleven?) If you can find … [Read more...]