Emanuel Bet Yaakov Retains License but Loses Funding

The court had required a compromise by August 25. I didn't believe it would happen. But the educational ministry has ruled that the Bet Yaakov Hasidi, the girls' school in Emanuel that refused to admit a group of children of sephardi background, will retain its license but lose all government … [Read more...]

Settlement in Emmanuel Bet Yaakov Segregation Dispute

Update: It looks like the story is not over yet. The rabbinic court said it did not receive notice that Lalom revoked his lawsuit. It criticized him for going to the secular court, and claimed that it never said there was racism. The letter can be seen here (Hebrew). I don't know what the … [Read more...]

Parents of Emanuel Bet Yaakov Students Set to Go to Jail

Update below, and more here: Settlement in Emanuel Bet  Yaakov Segregation Dispute The parents of the "Beit Yaakov Hasidi," a breakaway girls' school in the small West Bank town of Emanuel, were found in contempt of court last month for refusing to send their children to an integrated school. … [Read more...]