Emanuel Bet Yaakov Retains License but Loses Funding

The court had required a compromise by August 25. I didn’t believe it would happen. But the educational ministry has ruled that the Bet Yaakov Hasidi, the girls’ school in Emanuel that refused to admit a group of children of sephardi background, will retain its license but lose all government funding. After one year, requests for funding will be considered.

Representatives of both sides, interviewed by Haaretz, are happy with the decision. But an article I read in Hashavua, a haredi newspaper, warned that the decision sets a dangerous precedent for all the  schools in the chinuch atzmai system.  If the government can stop financial support for one school, they can stop it for others as well.


  1. Aviva-Hadas says

    As well they should (lose funding). It’s not like Masorti girls were trying to enroll… (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

  2. Maybe all chinuch-atzmai should lose funding?