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In Israel we've enjoyed a mild spring and summer so far, with normal humidity and cool evenings. July is expected to get hotter, starting this Shabbat. Between my kids being home from school and preparing for an exam in lactation, things are hectic. Fortunately life provides unexpected … [Read more...]

Tzniut Restrictions

Thank you for all the comments on the previous post. I hope this direct link will work for the reader in China who can only access the blog by email. Some commenters noted that by interpreting halacha on tzniut too strictly the rabbis (and Orthodox society) may unintentionally deter women from a … [Read more...]

Bloggers on Tzniut/Modesty/Jewish Women’s Dress

Last week I posted some comments about tzniut, and tagged some observant female bloggers with questions. Quite a few responded with a wide variety of opinions and experiences. Here are the ones I have seen so far: Sephardi Lady at Orthonomics: She points out that whether or not one wears a … [Read more...]