Interview with Founder of Kayamamoms, for Single Religious Women Having Babies

Rusty Mike Radio interviewed Aviva Harbather, a founder of Kayamamoms. Kayamamoms was founded to help religious single women who are considering having babies on their own. The event discussed, with Rabbi Benny Lau, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a fertility doctor and a psychologist, took place on … [Read more...]

Abortion in the Religious Zionist Community

See below for an update. In this week's newspaper Makor Rishon, Yifat Erlich interviews couples in the national religious community who underwent abortions because of health problems with the fetus. Afraid of criticism from their close-knit communities, many ended up alone during this traumatic … [Read more...]

Tzniut Restrictions

Thank you for all the comments on the previous post. I hope this direct link will work for the reader in China who can only access the blog by email. Some commenters noted that by interpreting halacha on tzniut too strictly the rabbis (and Orthodox society) may unintentionally deter women from a … [Read more...]