Pre-Shavuot Links: Cellphone Rate Calculator, Chassidic Women, Recipes, Interviews

In honor of Shavuot, enjoy this video The Land of the Seven Species sung by Chani Livneh. See the Hebrew lyrics here.

And now for the links:

  1. Parent Network interviewed me in honor of Mother’s Day. When they asked for advice for new parents, I said that moms should breastfeed until age six. Just kidding! See my real answers over at Parent Network.
  2. also interviewed me, for a story about cooking with physical disabilities. I posted the email interview at Cooking Manager.
  3. A woman identified as Chaya wrote an article called, What Women’s Media Needs to Know about Chassidic Women. It generated many critical responses, including Dear Chaya by Rabbi Fink and by Deborah Feldman, author of  a memoir on leaving the Satmar community. Rabbi Fink was in turn criticized for taking a condescending tone toward baalei teshuvah (religious returnees), as if their opinions don’t count. You can find more discussion in the comments at Frum Satire.
  4. I liked this post about how to disagree on the internet. It explains how the internet appears to make people more argumentative and gives tips for honest discussion.
  5. Check out the Sivan Kosher Cooking Carnival at Ilana Davita’s blog. Here are a few more Shavuot recipes: 7-Minute Low-Fat Microwave Cheesecake, Blintzes, and Lasagna with Homemade Pasta. We’ll be making all three.
  6. Over here we pretty much ignored the “Asifa” at Citifield protesting the internet, but I enjoyed this account by the only woman who attended: “‘Maybe you shouldn’t talk to anyone,’ my editor had cautioned that morning as I was preparing to infiltrate the men-only rally. ‘You definitely have the voice of a 100-pound girl,’ my boyfriend said.”
  7. I’ve been neglecting the fashion scene, but a few articles have mentioned how modesty has become chic this season.
  8. Finally, Israel has opened up the cellular market for a drastic drop in prices. You can figure out the best deal using the No Fryers calculator. Unfortunately, many of the country’s pension funds  have lost value as the cellular companies’ stocks dropped in price.
  9. Quick question: What learning opportunities are there for women in your neighborhood on Shavuot? Will you be attending?

Hag sameach–a happy Shavuot to all celebrating.


  1. Hannah, I hope your readers find the cell phone comparison calculator useful and are able to save money!

  2. Regular Anonymous says

    Re cell phones: Rami Levy needs 3G phones. I purchased one for my DD because I liked their low rates and the fact that I could cap her monthly bill at whatever sum I chose. All fine and good til she went to a pnimiya where there is no reception for Rami Levy/Pelephone.

    I checked Golan Telecoms website: No e-mail and no indication whose infrastructure they are using.

    Re learning opportunities on Shavout. There are so many here that I can’t even decide where to go. Great thing about Shavout on Motzei Shabbat is that I’ll be well rested after my Shabbat nap.

    Back to the kitchen
    Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach.

    • RA: I signed up one of my teens for Golan. He doesn’t get text messages from Orange, and they say they are working on it, but the reception is fine. We reached them via Twitter–that seems the easiest. Enjoy Shabbat and YT and thanks as always for reading and commenting.