New Baby Names Forum

imageIn 2008, I first wrote about popular baby names. Since then many expectant parents have left comments asking for help. The baby name threads remain among the most popular posts.

But because of all the threads and comments, it’s hard to wade through them all. So I opened a searchable forum where readers can start their own threads with the names they are thinking about.

There are other English sites listing Hebrew and Israeli names and their meanings. But they don’t have a helpful community that gives feedback from (Anglo) Israelis.

If you want to be a guinea pig, I have sections for listing both your favorite names and some more unusual baby names you may have heard. You will be asked to register before posting: The Register link appears above the login field. I’ve also added a sidebar widget to the blog, so readers can see the most recent activity of the forum.

Please try it out and give your feedback: New Israeli Baby Names Forum

Thanks and Shabbat shalom!

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  1. I’m another baby name geek. I’m more into the origins, popularity trends and such, but there are so many different backgrounds.

    I tend to come from the US point of view as many of these sites do….I think it’s wonderful to have a resource for the unique Israeli point of view.

  2. Something looks like it is not working on the Forum. I posted there earlier today and now I cannot see my post, or any other posts. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Chava, I have had technical problems with the forum. I need to contact support. I didn’t even know you could see posts or write new ones.

      • In that case, can I get some feedback on Reuven Erez?

        • Where do you live, Chava? I like the name, but it is not commonly used outside of haredi circles these days. Erez is popular.

          • I live in the US. Reuben is not a super popular name here, but it’s common enough for non-Jews to pronounce and it sounds nice to me. But does it sounds like Pinchas or something really old fashioned to your Israeli ears? I was worried about Erez! My husband really likes it, so I’ll be glad to tell him it’s popular in Israel!

          • I think Reuven is better than Pinchas in that regard. My kids say Erez doesn’t sound old-fashioned, but it’s not trendy for younger children these days. My 21yo knows people his age called Erez.

          • I know someone aged 14 called Erez. Don’t know any young children of that age, but then, I gave my son a rather “old” name and everyone likes it.

          • I have a friend who named her 3 year old Reuven and they call him Ruby (they are Dati Leumi, Anglo and live in Ranaana. Erez is pretty modern.

  3. Ilan Freedman says


    I’m in Australia. My wife and I are expecting a girl. Does the name “Shavit” work for a girl’s name?

  4. Hi,
    We’re expecting a boy (due around Chanukah time) and are having some trouble picking a name that works here (in Israel) and also back home in the US where our friends and family live. We have 3 other kids with fairly modern Hebrew names (Talia, Eliav and Maya) and are looking for something that fits with them. So far we’re undecided; I like Gavriel and Nadav, my husband’s sort of leaning towards Zev (calling him “Zevi”) or Gidon or Yehuda, with a middle name Adin after a friend who passed away.

    Any thoughts on how/if any of these names sound to your ears, or any suggestions of other modern Hebrew names? I know this is a vague question…thanks for any help.

    • Hi Ilana,
      All of those choices sound good to me!

      • Are there any cool nick-names for Matitiyahu? We gave my son the middle name Yehuda; he was born right before Chanukah. My friend’s borther is Ze’evi. My kids told their Israeli firends and it was very funny for some reason. I guess the only Zev they know is the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. I like it. All the Zev’s I know are good guys. All the names you named sound nice to my American ear.

  5. To secular Israeli ears, Gidon (Gidi?) and Yehuda sound a bit old fashioned. Zev too but less so. Gavri(el) and Nadav I do like. Since it will be Chanukah time, what about something like Naor or Ori? (Not Or, which obviously doesn’t work at all in English…) Itai also goes well with your other children’s names and is manageable in English (though it is often pronounced more like e-tai, like e-mail). I’ve got an Itai and a Maya myself, so they seem a good fit to me :).

    Good luck deciding, and best wishes for a peaceful birth and happy healthy baby.