Spy Cameras in Gan

A new trend in Israeli parenting involves equipping small children with spy cameras to catch a ganenet (kindergarten teacher) during the act of child abuse. In Makor Rishon's "Tzedek" supplement (January 16), Itzik Wolf wrote that the education ministry is preparing a legal document that will … [Read more...]

Is a Long Day of Gan Good?

The education ministry's extension of hours for state-run preschools and kindergartens raises practical and educational questions.   Background: In the last several years, Israel's education ministry has been gradually extending the hours of gan (preschool or kindergarten) for 3 to 5 year … [Read more...]

Easy and Inspiring Purim Craft Ideas

You might remember that I visited with you all at Sukkot and again at Chanukah, to share some frugal and creative crafts for those chagim (holidays). I'm very excited that Hannah has asked me back as a guest poster. With Purim in less than one month, I bet you can guess what I'll be talking about … [Read more...]

Junk Food in Gan as a Form of Neglect

Yosefa writes: I've been reading your old posts under the "olim" (immigrants) section [in my new menu at the top of the page]. I was thinking about the ganenet (preschool teacher) saving NIS 800 a month. Maybe she should have used it to buy higher quality food.  At both my kids' schools, they … [Read more...]

Thinking Outside the Misgeret

In the park today, I was discussing the sleep habits of a particular todder with his caretaker. One of the other babysitters said that toddlers gradually move from a morning to an afternoon nap. I pointed out that my daughter, age two and a half, still sleeps in the morning. The babysitter replied, … [Read more...]