Junk Food in Gan as a Form of Neglect

Yosefa writes: I've been reading your old posts under the "olim" (immigrants) section [in my new menu at the top of the page]. I was thinking about the ganenet (preschool teacher) saving NIS 800 a month. Maybe she should have used it to buy higher quality food.  At both my kids' schools, they … [Read more...]

Imaginary Ingredients

Kinder eggs, made of good quality chocolate with a toy in the middle, used to be popular in Israel. This year the kids received a chocolate-flavored knock-off called "TOY" in their shul candy bags. Made in Turkey, it’s imported by a company in Bnei Brak. The ingredients in English read: Sugar, … [Read more...]

Mishloach Manot in Israel

My mother always used to bake for Purim. We gave mishlochei manot* (MM) to a moderate number of people, most of whom didn't observe the mitzvah themselves. We baked chocolate swirl cookies, and hamantashen, and thumbkins. We added some dried nuts and fruit on a plate, put the whole thing in a … [Read more...]