Israeli Army Chaplains and Sabbath Observance

Our Shiputzim posted a letter about army chaplains accompanying soldiers to the Gaza front. The letter’s author, YAR, and YAR’s brother, one of the chaplains, are relatives of “Our Shiputzim.”

I’ll wait while you read it.

On Shabbat, our rabbi spoke about this incident and the question of Sabbath observance by chaplains. He maintained that there was absolutely no question that the chaplains were permitted to accompany the soldiers, Shabbat or not. Apparently the army employed Druze drivers (not mentioned in the letter quoted in Our Shiputzim) to minimize the violation of the Sabbath by Jews. The rabbi insisted that this was unnecessary.

Let us pray for the day when we will no longer need to ask this type of question.

Unfortunately, I have needed to post an updated list of injured soldiers and victims, including additional names. Thanks to those who have sent updates and corrections; I passed them on.