Chag Sameach!!

Happy 59th Israeli Independence Day!


  1. Enjoy Yom Haatzmaut where it’s meant to be enjoyed! There’s something not quite the same about Ann having falafel at gan and blue-and-white cookies, coming home with a ‘degel zer’ on her head and a flag in her hand – but in Queens! That being said, I still have my own ‘degel zer’ with the number 37 on it instead of Ann’s 59 from the year we moved here from Givatayim (my kindergarten)!

  2. I meant – “which was my year in kindergarten”

  3. mominisrael says

    I see you are a saver LOL. We are going on a hike today, but my kids want to hear the Hidon Hatanach first.

  4. mominisrael says

    Cool! My husband wanted to go, but we didn’t make it.I don’t think it was ignored, but it wasn’t treated sympathetically either.

  5. We celebrated in true Zionistic style by hiking up the mountain to Chomesh. Words can’t describe the feeling, and I guess that is why the media chose to ignore the event 🙁

  6. Mom, trust me: compared to what went on there, it was ignored. I got to meet NOBEL PRIZE WINNER Prof. Israel Auman on a tremp coming down from Chomesh. We, and 21 other lucky people, hitched a ride on a pickup going down the mountain (that makes 23 people in one pickup truck). How cool is that, to share a ride with a Nobel prize winner???? Oh, Rav Valdman of K. Arba/Chevron and Elisha Hass, Prof. of Bio Physics at Bar Ilan U were on that tremp as well.

  7. mominisrael says

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    So you had a good time?

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