Children of Short-Skirt Wearers Threatened in Bnei Brak

Poster Attacking Short Dresses

Separate Yourselves!

Remember the sign in Neve Yaakov, warning mothers not to sit next to immodestly dressed women in the playground? Today Rafi published a photograph of a pashkevil (wall poster) in Bnei Brak, urging people to “distinguish” themselves from “throwing-off-the-yoke-shortening-the-clothes” women.

The injunctions:

? Stay far from their company
? Don’t accept their children to (educational) institutions
? Protest against them.

The poster also provides a handy-dandy fax number to transmit information about these “yoke-throwing-off” families, so their names can be passed on to rabbis and institutions. An organization called “Power of the Public” is named at the bottom.

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  1. The Jewish Taliban lives.

  2. My sister who went to religious school in New York remembers how her teachers all wore “bullet proof stockings” which she was obliged to wear as well.
    Modesty is important but this is going too far.

  3. Half the signs in bnei brak are ignored by half the people.
    If a woman does not want to dress by charei norms, why should she send her child to a chareidi school? This sign obviosly is not including the many mizrachi educational institutions in the city.

  4. rickismom
    could you explain what you meant by:
    “This sign obviosly is not including the many mizrachi educational institutions in the city.” and in what way it is relevant to the discussion of the haredi way of dress

    I have always seen the mizrahi girls dressed with long skirts and sleeves.

  5. isn’t that going a just a bit too far?

    however, rickismom is right. why would a mizrachi family be living in bnai brak. it would seem thjust as bad as a non-religous jew living in mear sharim.

  6. Sue, there are many religious Zionist families in Bnei Brak, although many are moving out (judging by the new families from BB coming to our school).

  7. rickismom: You don’t think that there are women who identify as charedi who wear short skirts? At the very least it depends on your definition of short.

  8. Sue,
    Actually Bnei Brak is quite a big place with a varied community.
    There is even a neighborhood there called Shikun Mizrahi.
    People who are not haredi have always lived there and were even among the first families there. As a DL I can say parents of many of our friends were from Bnei Brak and in the past the distinction between haredi and types of DL were much less clear

    In addition, if we are talking about walking on the streets… It is one of the central shopping areas for all types of religious people with its wide range of appropriate clothes for women, head coverings as well as cheap clothes and toys for children and babies.

    From my shopping trips there I can say that there is a wide range of dress styles in the street, from those who seem to be keeping to every letter of any rabbinical decree, to those who are trying to see how far they can stretch the rules, with long wigs, skirts as little tight, exactly to their knees and sleeves a tiny bit shorter than expected. (As well as some secular people too… definitely not mea shearim style)

  9. beryl cohen says

    We have so much to worry about in this country why can’t people dress as they please. Normally I wear skirts and shortish sleeves, no trousers. Tomorrow I am going to bnei Brak to shop with my granddaughter, she covers up absolutely. Soooooo I will wear a three quater sleeve and a longer skirt. Lets all relax and not offend others. OK!!


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