My Daughter Is a Bloodhound

I’ve written about my small daughter’s skill in locating missing objects. She also has a highly developed sense of smell. When we cuddle, she often lifts up my arm to sniff the deodorant. “I looove that smell!” she smiles.

Last winter my sister visited and brought along a sweater she no longer wears. A few days after she left I wore it for the first time. My daughter said, “You smell like Aunt N.”

I could probably hire her out to the police department’s missing persons bureau.


  1. Hey,

    Isn’t there some connection with the sense of smell and purity?

    I remember learning that Yitzchok was able to smell Gan Edan from his son Yaakov despite Yaakov wearing Esav’s clothing.

    (Not to mention the vort about Hagar -because she remained pure even after being away from Abraham, that her name was changed to Keturah –like ketoret)

  2. mominisrael says

    Hi Miriam. Interesting idea.

  3. Missnursing says

    My daughter has come home on more than one occasion, at the end of the day, to say, “Has Sara been here? I smell her.” Did I ever mention how anti-laundry softener I am..?

  4. The sense of smell is the most spiritual sense we are endowed with. It says that Moshiach will be able to tell who is truly a Jew with his sense of smell. The Rizhiner Rebbe said that before Moshiach comes, Jews will be able to sense something in the air and will be inspired to move to Eretz Yisrael. The sense of smell is very spiritual.

    I am also highly sensitive to ‘smells’ ‘fragrances’ ‘odors’ of all types. It has most of the time been a Bracha for me to be aware of places/people to avoid. I hope your daughter finds it very helpful to her while she is maturing through life.

    There is a famous center in Philadelphia that is dedicated solely to research on the sense of smell: Monell Chemical Senses Center –
    3500 Market St, Philadelphia – (215) 898-6666

  5. That is really cute!

    I also have this thing where I can find things, I used to find my little sister’s pacifier for her every time it dropped.

    Now I am able to spot a dog from a block away, and even if I’m not looking in that direction, I just get a sense that one is there. I also jump at the jingle of keys thinking it may be a leash.