My Daughter and the Times Table

We had guests over on Shabbat. When I introduced them to the kids, I mentioned that my two youngest are in first and third grade.

The littlest one spoke up.  “I’m in third grade, and he’s in first grade, pointing to her brother.” The guests smiled in amusement.

My 13-year-old decided to egg her on a little bit. “If you’re in third grade, you know the times table, right?”

Lo hidpasti,” she answered immediately. Translation: I didn’t print it out.

He asked her if she knew any of the times table. Her answer: “I know the multiples of zero.”


  1. Which is why G-d created calculators.

  2. What does hitpasti mean?

  3. Baila: Hmm.
    Tamiri: She didn’t catch on yet. From tafas.

  4. your neices in the US says

    She’s so cute!
    We love reading about our cousins on the blog!
    Please send our regards!