Graying Matters

Last week I sat in the hairdresser’s chair when the next customer came in. She examined me closely, then moved behind me to get a better look from the back. “Michal,” she said to the hairdresser, “How did you do that?” Michal didn’t reply. I couldn’t see her, but I’m pretty sure she smiled.

“It’s natural,” I explained. She had assumed that my gray streaks were some sophisticated method of highlighting. “Are you sure? You never color your hair? No bottles?”

Amazing how unusual that is. Unfortunately, my naturally stylish and unique hairstyle can only be maintained for a limited amount of time.


  1. I don’t have all that much grey considering my age, but it’s concentrated in the sections people can peak at.

  2. I love it when gray comes in naturally, think it’s so pretty.

  3. I would be very gray if I didn’t hide it and, in my case, it isn’t pretty at all. It makes me look like an old witch.

  4. mominisrael says

    Batya–so you color it?
    TD: Apparently some people think so!
    I-D: I highly doubt that, but you do need to feel good about your appearance!

  5. I have a friend who has been upset with me because for the past 15 years I haven’t revealed the name of the hair color I use. She can’t accept the fact that when I tell her that it’s natural, I’m telling her the truth…

  6. Tired of Arguing says

    I managed to weasel out of coloring my (generally covered) hair until this year for similar reasons. What finally convinced me to go ahead and do it was seeing all the Arab mothers at the hospital in private–under the veil, streaks and well-kept hairdos. It occurred to me that if they could value their private appearance, maybe I, as a Jewish woman, could too. Maybe even ought to.

    I kept dithering around making excuses until my oldest daughter made the appointment for me and actually brought me to the hairdressers. It does look good, and my kids are very enthusiastic, as are my girlfriends. Ironically, my husband doesn’t care much either way.

    I figure it’s consistent with the Personal Undergarment Policy I taught my daughters: Never wear icky underwear, ESPECIALLY if you’re the only one who sees it.

  7. i’m 40 and about 50% grey….a couple of years ago i went to a friend house to go swimming and when i uncovered my hair my friend exclaimed’, “wow, your hair looks great, did you frost it?” LOL!!!

  8. So some of these comments can have an interesting jump off, if your hair is greying and you cover it, should you dye it?
    How much do you “do” your hair under your hair covering?

    I have neighbors who color or tint their hair under their hats or scarves (not to hide grey, just to change it)

    K. who is not yet grey, and my mother is just now beginning to get a few grey hairs.

  9. mominisrael says

    Mirel: 15 years? That’s impressive.
    ToA: I hear you, I’m just not there yet.
    Tikva: LOL!
    Keren: Just about everyone I know shows some of her hair anyway, and colors it.

  10. i cover nearly all my hair but a little shows in front some strands out the back fall out etc… and that hair i noticed shabbat night , while making goofey faces with dd16 in the mirror were really grey ! i don’t think it looked very good! so, in reality my hair is like all white/ grey in front. i’m only 40! i also really care how i look! i wear makeup daily….but i’m afraid to color my hair! i’m afraid that the roots will look awful. i’m afraid period.