Happy Jerusalem Day

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. The last verse of this song was added by the song’s author Naomi Shemer to mark the first time since 1948 that Jews could visit the remains of the Holy Temple in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In this version sung by Ofra Haza at Israel’s 50th Independence Day celebration in 1998, the last verse is placed as the second verse, but with incorrect English translation. (Thanks to reader Ruth for pointing that out.)


  1. 43 years, not 33!

  2. Hi, me again. My daughter just pointed out that this does include the last verse – but in the wrong place. She sings it as the second verse, with the correct Hebrew subtitles, translated wrongly into English.

  3. hey, i also posted this! this ofra haza at her best. what a voice. a few funny renderings in the english subtitles.