An Interview and Two Nominations

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Many thanks to Leora of Here in Highland Park, who interviewed me about my new project, CookingManager.Com.

Kate graciously nominated me for a chance to go on the Nefesh be-Nefesh flight for new immigrants. In her post she describes how much easier it is to make aliyah today, thanks to Nefesh be-Nefesh. NBN and WebAds are co-sponsors of the upcoming blogging convention.

I decided to nominate Lion of Zion (already nominated by Rafi). With apologies to Kate, Leora, Baila, and other worthy candidates, here are my reasons in no particular order:

  • Lion of Zion loves Israel.
  • He’s been commenting on my blog for ages.
  • He usually agrees with me.
  • It would be fun to meet him.
  • He has an entertaining, informative blog.
  • He knows Israel well and would be a wonderful asset for the olim on the flight.

Good luck to LoZ and to all the candidates!

Here’s the nomination form.

Click here to register for the convention.


  1. You don’t have to apologize for not nominating me. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if they would pick me, anyway. Given my ambiguity about moving to Israel, I wouldn’t be good company for new Olim (I considered it when I was younger).

    You have never met LoZ? You two seem like good buddies.

    I am thankful to YOU for doing that great guest interview.